OVRLDR is a loosely structured music collaboration with members based in the US and Europe. Formed in 2018 by Matt Relstab, Mike Ward and Alexis Desjardins, OVRLDR emerged from the remnants of the Boston electronic pop group Let’s Wait. In a stark departure the trio strayed from structured pop songwriting and ventured towards industrial textures, organic rhythms and unorthodox production techniques. Their 2020 debut LP “Contemporary Amnesia” was a lo-fi, abstract journey through sonic palettes and expansive instrumentation with compositions based on live improvisation. Defying categorization the album saw west African rhythms clashing with cerebral ambience, heavily processed vocals balancing atop ominous grooves and acoustic instruments blended with granular synthesis. 

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and Desjardins’ relocation to Switzerland, OVRLDR re-emerged as a purely remote collaboration. Isolation and experimentation would become the catalysts for creation on OVRLDR’s sophomore effort. Working independently, sonic sketches were composed and then passed along for each band member to add additional elements in a round-robin fashion. Divergent musical concepts and production approaches were blended to create the unexpectedly cohesive musical narrative heard on OVRLDR’s latest release “Memory on Repeat”. 

Contact: ovrldrmusic at gmail.com